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modeling using HD- Explore and HD-Targets (Soterix Medical with the goal of targeting the MFC and lPFC to facilitate the synchronization of neural activity between these regions (the in phase protocol ) or disrupt the signals being conveyed. By By Barbara Moran, these (medial frontal cortex lateral prefrontal cortex) are maybe the two most fundamental brain areas involved with executive function and self-control, says Reinhart, who used a new technique called high-definition transcranial alternating current stimulation (HD-tACS) to stimulate these two regions with.

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Describes the equipment used in the experiment. The blog is already so full of useful content for anyone looking into tDCS that Im inclined to only post significant information that would move our current understanding of tDCS and neurostimulation forward. Using this new technology, he found that improving the synchronization of brain waves, or oscillations, between these two regions enhanced their communication with each other, allowing participants to perform better on laboratory tasks related to learning and self-control. You may have noticed that Ive not been posting as much to the blog lately. Listen coupon marino voyage to Bob McDonald discuss HD tACS with Prof Rob Reinhart on the always interesting Quirks and Quarks.