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perpetrators. I am proud to call you my friends! Communities need to learn that the survivors of these attacks are not to blame and are to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. People need to understand that these attacks are never, ever excusable. . They provide medical care and support as well as long-term support for the survivors. . On a personal note it was a pleasure to meet all of you. . I only had time to visit a few of you in your homes and meet your families but that was a wonderful experience and I thank you for being so kind. . You can find more information here: How To Help, photographer's Notes: I would like to personally thank all of the acid attack survivors for their kindness and willingness to participate in this project. . Seek medical attention after washing off as much of the acid as you can.

Immediately wash the acid off! . Acid attacks are still common in many countries and this subject needs more attention from the international community. . It is my hope that these images will help bring awareness to this subject and that, in there future, there will be far fewer people affected by this problem. There really is NO excuse for attacks like these, so I wont go into the details of each individual's case. Governments need to be pressured to make stronger laws and ones that are actually enforced. . Preserve any evidence and have the police called as soon as possible (having the perpetrators prosecuted will help prevent these attacks in the future.). The, acid Survivors Foundation is a really wonderful organization that helps people that have been attacked with acid. . If you are ever attacked with acid or witness an attack here is some advice that will help you minimize the injuries:.

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The male survivors were most often burned by a second party in a land code promo la boutique jeannette or other dispute. . Get the acid off of yourself or the victim as soon as possible, this will have the greatest effect on how severe the injuries will. The woman are almost always attacked because they scorned the advances of potential partner or turned down a marriage proposal. . If you are in a position where you can donate money, or even medical items, clothes, vocational training etc then please consider contacting this organization. . Even if you have to jump into a filthy, dirty lake or river, do it! . These are a few of the thousands of people who have been attacked by acid. .

code promo maville rennes

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