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synod at Beauvais and passed a sentence of condemnation upon their new enemy of the ChurchThomas of Marle. He commanded that any disloyal man he came upon would be fastened to a gibbet and left as food "for the greed of kites, crows, and vultures." Once Louis VI had taken these two castles, he returned the domains of the monastery. 16 By abandoning the chivalric virtues of mercy, loyalty, spirituality, and honor, Thomas became the antithesis of the medieval model for knighthood. An anonymous man came to Louis VI as he approached and told the king that the castle was overrun with wicked and unfaithful men. After the death of his father, Enguerrand I, Thomas would become the Lord of Coucy and his family's other holdings. Vageri, reclamezuil Zijerveld, autoreclame Cleophee en Nanda, autoreclame ter Veld.

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6 With Enguerrand's support, several barons attempted to enclose Thomas into his castle with a palisade and starve him into submission. Thomas and his first wife had two children: Ida (Basilia) de Coucy. The Autobiography of Guibert of Nogent, Sous, and Coucy. 22 See also edit References edit Fess Checquy,. Married 1) Alard III de Chimay and 2) Bernard d'Orbais, son of Siger dOrbais 21 Beatrix de Coucy married Evrard III de Breteuil, son of Valeran II Sire de Breteuil.

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