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Laws; Data Shows Breed-Specific Laws Work, we document these results in the.S. Such antiquated state and local laws were designed to address "common" dog bites that result in minor injuries, not a pit bull mauling that often results in life-altering damage. The rational basis for regulating pit bulls, as opposed to virtually all other breeds, is that selective breeding produced a dog with a bite style and attack traits unlike any other dog breed. By 1987, regulating or banning pit bulls had become a national conversation. If the analysis of the supporters of SB 865 were correct, there would have been no legal basis for any of the breed-specific law victories in appellate courts; not one would have survived constitutional scrutiny. Since the ban's enactment in 2005, pit bull bites fell by 73 and complaints related to pit bulls fell. Proactive breed-specific laws require owners of these breeds to carry liability insurance in the baseline amount of 100,000 or the recommended amount of 300,000.

Why has every well-written breed-specific law been upheld after judicial scrutiny? A handful of these cities include: Aurora and Denver, Colorado; Yakima, Washington; Council Bluffs, Iowa mcdonalds promo code and Independence, Missouri. (See: Model pit bull ban ) Cities of all sizes across the.S. The combination of citing Nicchia and Sentell by appellate courts pertaining to upholding well-written breed-specific ordinances was done as recently as 2007 ( American Canine Foundation. In the year before the ordinance, 2005, 502 pit bulls were impounded, compared to only 252 in 2007.7 When breed-specific laws are combined with an anti-chaining ordinance, as was done in Little Rock's pit bull ordinance, excellent outcomes resulted as well: The commonality of seeing. State preemption anti-BSL laws bar local governments from regulating specific dog breeds. Yet, these instances are rare. Grassroots public health movements often suffer the most, as these laws essentially extinguish the motivation to organize and take action locally. There have been excellent results with other types of ordinances as well.