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Gage November 2006 Floor Plate Design Hooked or Headed Anchor Rod Embedment? Seeing is Believing Sleeve Nuts Types of Bolts Weld Metal Myth February 2004 astm A325/A490 Bolts Bearing Strength HSS Seismic Braces Seal Welds Sufficient Thread Engagement Welding Anchor Rods January 2004 Blast Effects Weathering Steel December 2003 Fatigue Stress Range Making Fillet Welds Quality. Ricker Welding to Existing Members Lifting Beams Double-Angle Connections Crane Rail Tolerances Rivet Removal March 2008 Historic Lattice Columns Flexural Strength Comparisons Multiple Cranes in Runway Evaluation of an Existing Structure RBS Moment Connections Backing Bar Thickness Flexure of Single Angles Edge Distance for Anchor-Rod. Conveyors in a High-Seismic Area, january 2018, field-Modified Base Plates. Slotted-Hole Dimensions Tee Stem in Flexural Compression January 2007 Galvanizing High-Strength Steel High-Strength Bolts in 1956 Historic Non-astm Shapes HSS Slot Tolerance (updated from October 2006) Pile Shape?

Zinc-Plated Fasteners Hot-Dip Galvanizing After Fabrication. HSS Properties Bolt Entering Direction Stiffened Extended Single-Plate Shear Connection Column Tier Height Tension Control Bolts Vertical Bracing coupon code sountoys Connection January 2010 Extended End-Plate Stiffener Anchor Rod Tensile Strength Tension Calibrator Flexure of an Unequal Leg Angle Torsional and Flexural-Torsional Buckling Minimum Lateral Load Field Cutting. Puddle Welds Anchor Rods Increase Fillet Weld Size for Gap? Thermal Cutting Using ocbf in SDeight of Paper June 2006 Combined Loads on Anchor Rods Cruciform Columns and RBS Reduced Coefficient of Slip Resistance Rod. Not Approved in astm F31 Transverse Stiffeners as Stability Bracing Mill Orders Stability Bracing for Members Other Than Wide-Flange Members Transverse Reinforcement of Composite Beams at Edge Conditions Eccentric Stability Bracing September 2016 Through-bolting HSS Web Openings Ungrouted Base Plates Shear Lag in Compression Members. Extended Single-Plate Shear Connection March 2009 Single-Angle Connection Tables Referenced Design Standards Brace Stiffness astm F1554 versus astm A449 Anchor Rods Calculating Cb The Richards Factor Cb for HSS Beams?