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procedure. Especially if your Sub is 201 lines long. If I'm staring at a 201 line procedure and the only information I have (after scrolling all the way to the top) about p is that it's a Variant, that's not at lot. Learn what redox reactions are, get examples of oxidation-reduction reactions, and find out why redox reactions are important. But there isn't any reason for any of these not to be strongly typed.

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End If, use the built in VBA constant vbNullString instead of the literal ". it is incredibly difficult to get a handle on what the code is doing. If Then 'The first "found" item is the first Collection member. End With, the nd and ndNext functions are ridiculously slow given the tiny ranges that you're searching. Union italicized, targetCell End If End.and format the whole mess in one shot: 'At the very bottom. Alic True Finally, now that you've converted your A1 addressing to RowColumn, it becomes fairly trivial to switch to array processing as opposed to setting values of individual cells. Case "whatever" is equivalent, easier to read, and saves a boolean expression evaluation. Accent Reduction Made Easy: Secrets to speaking Standard American English. This is simply wasted CPU cycles.