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and got a full refund for a non-delivery and no responses. . Commit to buying the item you want on eBay. GoPro, action Cameras DJI drones and, gimbals including the, phantom, Mavic, Spark and, osmo series. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are changing. Tom1234567, senior Member Posts: 1,708, re: Problem with warranty of Kacha / E-bay seller Kachashop. Everyone from the CEO down to the janitor. If you have proof that you sent something back to this seller, haven't received anything back and especially if you communicated through ebay messages, I expect you will get redress. Digital Photo Lab on-line and in App. Jacobite's gear list: Jacobite's gear list Fujifilm X30 Olympus PEN-F Fujifilm X-T2 Olympus.Zuiko Digital 45mm.8 Olympus.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm.8 4 more adk38 Contributing Member Posts: 967 Re: Problem with warranty of Kacha / E-bay seller Kachashop In reply to stanetzz Feb. Camera Repairs, Sensor Clean and both, photography Drone Training. The new price will be calculated and shown automatically so you can complete payment.

And if you make a purchase over 100 gbp with the credit card on Paypal, you are protected potentially with the credit card company as well as paypal. Yes, You're right- the jurisdiction of E-Bay is only for the purchase, the repair is between me and the trader. All forums, open Talk, change forum, started Nov 4, 2016 Discussions stanetzz. EBay will cover problems with payment, sending the purchased goods, the goods not being what was advertised, etc, but in this case, the problem is really between the warranty service and the customer. You will obviously have to add the uk international dialling code to the above number. Nov 4, 2016, however I suspect that you will not see your lens or your money again. Here's one as an example and others are to be found for different cameras/lenses. MyDealz (Germany Dealabs (France (the Netherlands (Poland) and, preisjäger (Austria).