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in that you want to your readers to 'buy' your opinion. Another best deal ON THE planet! Want to learn more? Narrative writing should tell the reader a good story that provides events from beginning to end. What you are writing about. Types of freshwater biomes include ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and even some wetlands. They provide oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. In the middle there is much more diversity in species.

Many pieces of literature we read in school and everyday life fall into the category of narrative writing. Almost always the purpose of narrative writing is to entertain your reader. And narrative writing entertains. Expository writing informs your reader on something very specific, while in persuasive writing, you want to convince your reader. Lake Victoria in South Central Africa, as well as the Great Lakes of the Midwest.S. Where you going is your topic, how you are getting there is your type of writing, and who you are going with is your audience. Think of a persuasive piece of writing as an advertisement you would see. Examples of headwaters include springs, snowmelt, or even lakes. Let's not forget that freshwater biomes also give us many different opportunities for research and recreation. A single pond during the summer season could be up to 39 degrees Fahrenheit on the bottom and 72 degrees Fahrenheit on the top.