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meat as the first ingredient. Save 6 off any 20lb bag of Nature's Variety dog food. Our active coupon codes, promo codes, and discounts can be found on our site we dont post exclusive or hidden deals on any third-party or affiliate coupon sites. Shop Now Coupon Code: holisticdog 10 OFF Nutrience Sub Zero Dog Food Save 10 off any 10kg bag of Nutrience Sub Zero dog food. 5 OFF Nutro Dog Food Save 5 off any 30lb bag of Nutro Dog Food. As promised, the first ingredient in this Singles Grass-Fed Lamb Dry Food Recipe is raw grass-fed lamb meat. Choose the Acana product you would like to buy from our.

Save 8 off any 28-30lb bag of Taste of the Wild dog food. This formula features 50 lamb as an easily digestible animal protein and, as the single source of protein, it is a great ingredient for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. Furthermore, all of their products are made with fresh, regional ingredients and produced in award-winning kitchens. Offer expires July 31, 2018. In addition to providing your dog with usable energy, these ingredients also contribute dietary fiber as well as natural sources for key nutrients. Fresh meats contain up to 80 moisture by volume so, when the product is cooked down to 10 or 12 moisture, much of that volume is lost which means that the total volume of protein could be much lower.