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a goodwill tour. From the early years of the People's Republic, sports had coupon pcs mastercard en ligne played an important role in diplomacy, often incorporating the slogan "Friendship First, Competition Second". According to History.S. Main article: 1972 Nixon visit to China Two months after Richard Nixon's visit, Zhuang Zedong visited the.S. 2, the meeting was facilitated by the. Further, the American player Leah "Miss Ping" Neuberger, the 1956 World Mixed Doubles Champion and nine-time.S. 3, this was unusual, given that high-profile American citizens such as Senator.

Prior to the visit by the American table tennis players, eleven Americans were admitted into the PRC for one week because they all professed affiliation with the. See also edit References edit Jiaqi, Yan; Gao, Gao (1996). Table Tennis team was. During the isolationist years, athletes were among the few PRC nationals who were allowed to travel overseas. Any country I haven't seen before." "But what about China in particular?

The third incident, perhaps the most likely trigger, was the unexpected but dramatic meeting between the flamboyant American player Glenn Cowan and the Chinese player Zhuang Zedong, a three-time world champion and winner of many other table tennis events. Table Tennis by American table tennis players and Tim Boggan, who went to China along with the.S. Zhuang Zedong described the incident 4 in a 2007 talk at the USC.S.-China Institute. I made friends, I made genuine friends, you see. Further reading edit " Talking Points " (USC US-China Newsletter July 22, 2011, looks at the fortieth anniversary of ping-pong diplomacy, notes that the term was first used in 1901, and discusses how it was a bold bit of public diplomacy on China's part while. Huang, Rune-Wen; Gants, Connor (March 7, 2008). It was reported that Mao Zedong said, "This Zhuang Zedong not only plays table tennis well, but is good at foreign affairs, and he has a mind for politics." 6 On April 10, 1971, nine American players, four officials, and two spouses stepped across. Retrieved May 15, 2014.