filling in a coupon

Applicability The invention is especially advantageous for recharging the chip SIM-cards of mobile telephones working with prepaid services of mobile operators. According to a third embodiment of this invention, after then evaluation of the meaningfulness of the demand, the second datacenter will allocate a unique code to the demand and an approval notice concerning the meaningfulness will be sent to the first datacenter where the demand. Every InstaForex partner gives coupon bonuses to his most active traders at his discretion. En For this purposes they should got the cheque proving their purchase and change the cheque in special place to coupon. The filled coupon will be inserted into the terminal by the attendant, advantageously after a former check if the filling-in was correct,. 1 is a schematic description of the inventive recharging method and Fig. A further disadvantage is that when for some reason the transaction was not executed, the customer which wanted to execute the recharging is not sure if the sum was not drawn from his pay card. En I'm gonna cash in this coupon you gave me last Valentine's Day. Nevertheless, further the case with crossing appropriate numbers and filing them will be described now.

Filling in a coupon
filling in a coupon

Then it will be found there if the code is valid. The telephone number can contain also the operator's identification or the operator can be filed by another appropriate method,. Rrief Description of The Drawings The invention will be described further by explaining some examples of embodiments, where Fig. Of the operator of the chip card net where the recharging of the credit is demanded. En Resin materials shall be tested on a sample coupon representative of the composite over-wrap in accordance with # or an equivalent National Standard. Now the attendant by means of the terminal keyboard coupon sport cgos rhone-alpes will file the sum demanded by the customer for recharging.

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