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Voiced by: Masayoshi Sugawara The episode director of The Third Aerial Girls Squad 's fifth episode. Musashino Animation edit Production desk Yutaka Honda (, Honda Yutaka, Voiced by: Shya Nishiji Production manager of Musashino Animation. After his departure, he is revealed to have lost much weight during his sporadic pastry delivery visits to Musashino Animation. The story mainly focuses on Aoi and her team at Musashino Animation as they work on two different anime projects; an original anime series and a light novel adaptation, facing the various obstacles that each project brings with them. Retrieved July 7, 2016. Nobuaki Nakagaichi (, Nakagaichi Nobuaki, Voiced by: Masayoshi Sugawara The president of Studio Kanabun and Misa's current boss. Masashi Yamada (, Yamada Masashi, Voiced by: Kenji Hamada The episode director of Exodus! He is used as comic relief as he often attempts to escape Studio Taitanic with many different ways which included tunneling out and escaping through the vents, always only to be caught by Erika smiling at him at the end.

He loves fatty foods, leaving the air conditioner on, and not working. "Shirobako, New Ghost in the Shell Film, Seiji Mizushima Win Anime Kobe Awards". Retrieved March 30, 2015. Voices Tatiana Yakovlef in The Third Aerial Girls Squad.

Her name and appearance are nearly identical to her voice actress Shizuka. Sound department (R B Studio) Yoshikazu Inanami (, Inanami Yoshikazu, Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata Director of audiography. She lives in the country, and acts like a stereotypical tourist during her visit to Tokyo, embarrassing Midori. Eri Nakata (, Nakata Eri, Voiced by: Shizuka It Sound production supervisor. The story of the new season will revolve around the Lelouchs adventurous journey for saving the world from the wars that could happen between various superpowers.