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very different approach, a reductionist approach rather than going to the most complex example human memory, take it very simple. So we studied these single cells code bon reduction karma koma to characterize their properties and we saw after a while they were not dramatically different from the other two or three groups of cells that have been described. To exemplify, I create a single-file project with 3 functions: main, func1 (which is used and unusedfunc (which is unused). If you need to have "delete of unused" to shrink program size, you do not work in a professional way.

So I began to look for an animal that had simple reflex behaviors and it was adventitious from a nervous system point of view and that's what led me to Aplysia. And I had mastered it in Grenfist's lab how to put electrodes into single cells. The OP's 171 bytes of 'data' is probably. It turns out that space is very important, it's a complex modality. It will be hard to do if you looked at it in all its complexities. And the cells are not only large they're uniquely identifiable so you can return to the same cell in every animal of the species. Even if you have coded with the '51 in mind, you can often find places where you can change a small thing and achieve code size savings. This feature is something quite a few of us have been waiting a long time for. "I abhor ANY suppression of warnings" I wouldn't be surprised if the new directive issues a warning when it removes code? IF you specify this directive, the linker assumes you know what you're doing. Author, mustafa Kara, posted 9-Nov-2004 14:28 GMT, toolset. We had a great year.

Id71821 p Read-Only Author erik malund Posted 9-Nov-2004 16:35 GMT Toolset C51 RE: code reduce erik malund the post (right now next to yours) "Understand The 8051's Capabilities and C51 Assembly Output." basically show why so many experience "code" overflows. Thread Index, old Index. Main Jon Next Thread Thread List Previous Thread Start a Thread Settings. By that time one had a much better understanding. Read-Only Author Jon Ward Posted 10-Nov-2004 17:02 GMT Toolset None RE: code reduce Jon Ward does this mean that if I have a single source file project with a main and two functions, only one of which is called, the uncalled function will not. Erik Read-Only Author Drew Davis Posted 9-Nov-2004 18:05 GMT Toolset None RE: code reduce Drew Davis You have an overflow in the data space as well as the code size.